Choosing an MOT Tested Rental- Safety First!

Is My Car Due for MOT?

UK car drivers must hold a valid MOT certificate; however, new vehicles are not tested until they are three years old. So, how do you find out when your car is due for an MOT? Look at the vehicle registration document (V5C) and check when the car was first registered. Cars less than three years old are exempt, except for passenger vehicles and taxis, but all other forms of transport must undergo an MOT test. So take your car to an approved test centre in your area. For example, if you live in the West Midlands, you will need to schedule an appointment at a local mot birmingham centre.

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Mot Testing Centres in Birmingham

At the last count, there were in excess of three hundred MOT test centres in Birmingham, so it's not difficult to find a testing centre. However, it's important to use a trusted garage. Look for a test centre that employs highly trained mechanics. Ask friends and relatives to recommend an MOT testing centre that offers a quality service. Some garages offer cheap MOT deals, but are they all they claim to be? MOT stations and MOT testers vary, but in general, good test centres receive good reviews.

The MOT Process

Birmingham MOT Test Centres are no different to any other; they must abide by current VOSA requirements. The MOT Checklist is the same for every centre in the UK. Granted, some garages are more stringent than others, but it pays to take your vehicle to a reputable test centre.  The MOT test will check the following:

.  VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
.  The vehicle registration plate
. Steering and suspension
. Lights
. Windscreen
. Washer bottle and wipers
. Seatbelts
. Horn
. Seats
. Emissions
. Fuel system
. Bodywork
. Door
. Brakes
. Mirrors
. Tyres and wheels

Current MOT Test Costs

Visit a trusted Centre in Birmingham and the sum charged depends on vehicle type. The maximum charge for a motorcycle is £29.65; the maximum fee for a car is £54.85. Ambulances, playbuses and Class 4 and 5 vehicles cost more to MOT.

The MOT Certificate

UK drivers must be able to produce a valid MOT Certificate, in fact, failure to do so could result in prosecution. Take your vehicle to the best MOT test centre in Birmingham to ensure your car meets road safety and environmental standards as laid down by law.